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Bugaboo Butterfly: What is the seat's length and will it be ok for a large toddler (compared to the Easywalker Miley2)?

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eli & vii
Patricia • 07 Jul 2022

Hello Eli.

Would you please tell me which one is the total length of the seat unit (backrest, seat and footrest).

My son is nearly 3 and very big and tall and still takes a nap sometimes in the stroller. We also travel a lot. Would you recommend this one better than Easywalker Miley2? The price is very different…

Thank you

Eli • 08 Jul 2022

Hi, Patricia,

Compared to the EW Miley, the Butterfly is INCREDIBLY larger in the seat area, especially in the backrest length which is pretty much about 10 cm taller. So, yes, the Butterfly will be MUCH better for a taller toddler. However, bear in mind we're talking about ultra-compact strollers and that still means a smaller, narrower seat, as the main priority with these is to be super small, the most compact possible. You should be able to fit a larger toddler in the Butterfly, but don't expect him to have openty of space around himself. But that would also be so, I mean even worse, with the Miley 2.

About the exact length, I have not yet have the change to measure the whole, but I can make an educated guess of about 93-95 cm.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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