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Bugaboo Butterfly: What is it like travelling on flights with it, and can it be taken as cabin luggage?

Dino • 16 Nov 2022

What is it like travelling on flights with the Bugaboo Butterfly and can we take on board like cabin luggage?

Eli • 16 Nov 2022

Hi, Dino,

The Butterfly is approved by IATA (Internationa Air Transport Association), which really means you can travel with the buggy as a piece of cabin luggage with pretty much any major airline. Some smaller, budget airlines can have different requirements, though, so be sure to check those.

And what's it like? Like any other regular traveling, though, you will have the folded stroller instead of the little piece of luggage. You might need to have checked luggage, though, if needing things of your own.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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