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Bugaboo Butterfly vs. Joolz Aer, which is the better choice for a second travel stroller?

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Stacie • 11 Jul 2022

I'm shopping for a travel/compact stroller. I have an 11 month old, and I'd like to get as much longevity from a new stroller purchase as I can (so quality is important).

The [bugaboo-butterfly|Bugaboo Butterfly]] and Joolz Aer seem really similar. What can help me decide between the two? I'll use it a few times a week around town when I have the small car - like while out shopping. And I'd also like to be able to go on walks in my brother's neighborhood when we fly out to visit him. His neighborhood has some wooden boardwalks/bridges.

I have an Uppababy Vista I love because of how sturdy it is, but it's big!

Thanks for the help!

Eli • 12 Jul 2022

Hiya, Stacie,

You picked two ultracompacts so you have to know they are much, much smaller than your Vista, not only in the folded size but also seat space and wheel size (= wooden boardwalks are doable just not the most comfortable ride). Apart from that, you picked two quality strollers and they are actually also rather spacious for the type (just a bit narrow), so you cannot really do bad with either of those unless you don't count on the narrower seat and small wheels (people who don't take that as a necessary compromise beforehand often end up hating the buggies).

I personally would probably go with the Butterfly here as that has a tiny bit taller seatback, and a bumper bar and a leg rest included Bugaboo also sells very very well after you're done with it. If you like the Aer's design more though, a very good choice as well (and with nice chunkier wheels with suspension), just everything there is pretty much sold separately.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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