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Bugaboo Butterfly: Can it be taken on board on an Emirates flight?

Vicky • 21 Jun 2022

Does Emirates allows this onboard as cabin luggage? Can I take this on board an Emirates flight? I can find no clarification on yours or the Emirates site & I need to know as I fly them constantly.


Eli • 22 Jun 2022

Hi, Vicky,

The Butterfly is approved by IATA (Internationa Air Transport Association), which means fuss-free traveling with the Butterfly as a piece of cabin luggage with pretty much most airlines.

I found the specs of the Emirates for cabin luggage, btw: it is 55 x 38 x 20 cm and 7 kg for Economy (which means NO with the Butterfly which is 7.3 and 54 cm x 45 cm x 23 cm), but for anything higher, you can take it on (there, the weight limit is 10 kg). Also good to know is that you CAN take your stroller as baby's free luggage and give it away when getting on the plane (literally), while you will be given it back when getting off, under the stairs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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