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Bugaboo Butterfly: Can I remove the seat when using the stroller with a car seat?

Allison • 27 May 2022

If I bought this stroller to use with my newborn/infant and a car seat, could I remove the seat? It looks like the car seat is attached on top of the seat, which looks a bit odd (IMO) and seems unnecessary if my child can't use the seat.


Eli • 28 May 2022

Hi, Allison,

The fabrics should be removable but the stroller, even if you remove those, will till have many parts of the seat and it will use strange with a car seat still (like the sitting pat, the leg rest frame, the backrest attachments and so on...). The best and simplest way to avoid lengthy dismantling of the fabrics when they are not damaged or very dirty is truly to click the capsule over the seat. It is absolutely normal with most ultracompacts and even if it looks kind of strange, it is not really a big deal. You won't even know it and your little one will actually be using the seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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