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Bugaboo Butterfly: Can I attach a buggy board to this stroller?

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eli & vii
😊 • 13 Jul 2022

Can I attach a buggyboard to this stroller?

Eli • 13 Jul 2022

Hi there,

In theory, yes, you can - some of the universal ones, e.g. Lascal Buggy Board or Bumprider should fit and be usable. However, the stroller is VERY small, it is from the group of ultra-compacts (more about those here) meant fo occasional use and traveling, meaning NOT a sturdy, robust frame. Such strollers are much more prone to loosening up, getting damaged etc. by overstraining them, and that is why I perosnally WOULDN'T recommend using a sibling skate in the back.

Read this guide about strollers and buggy boards to have a better picture.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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