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Bugaboo Ant review, comfort, sturdiness, foldability, spaciousness, car seat compatibility?

Tim • 17 Nov 2021

Dear Eli,

I would like to ask you if you can provide a review about the Bugaboo Ant, is it comfortable, sturdy, foldability? Will it really last for toddlers?

Also in terms of the car seat, the company says that we cannot connect the Bugaboo car seat.
Can we connect the Cybex Aton M i-size?

Between the Ant, the Yoyo2, and Chicco Goody Plus, which one do you recommend?

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Eli • 17 Nov 2021

Hey, Tim,

The Bugaboo Ant I tried recently. I must say I cannot recommend it much. I was disappointed by the loose chassis, really loose even right out of the box. Because of the canopy being incredibly close to the seat, the seat feels too small, meaning only ok for smaller children. A disadvantage of it being a reversible seat unit, I believe as well as an unfortunate design that doesn't allow reclining it almost at all apart from when it's parent-facing, where, oppositely, it is always a bit reclined, not too comfy for the child inside. So I wouldn't definitely recommend the Bugaboo Ant. It folds small and with adapters, YES it can take a Cybex Aton M i-size, but that is all. I wouldn't buy it myself - maybe only if it were on a huge sale and I had a very small baby, needing it to face me during travels.

Sturdiness, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is the winner here, as its chassis is truly well-made, considering its size. On the other hand, the comfort for the child is lower, as the seat is VERY slanted and with a very short backrest. I like the durability of the Yoyo, yes, but, at least for its high price, I believe there is too much compromising in terms of the child's comfort.

The Chicco Goody Plus is, in my opinion. a bit better for the kid, and I did like the maneuverability. You will have to accept, though, that for a lower price, the durability/sturdiness is simply lower than the Yoyo's, but for occasional, travel, shopping, and similar use, I would rather save my money and go for something like that.

If sturdiness is, however, your main priority, you cannot make a mistake with the Yoyo there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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