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Britax Smile 3: Will the pivoting handlebar make my husband kick the stroller?

. • 26 Aug 2021

My husband is 6ft2 and may want to use the stroller on its highest handlebar setting. This looks like it will bring him very close to the frame when walking (yet he has a far longer stride length than I do). It looks like raising the handle bars will actually bring him over the carrycot!

Has anyone found this a problem? Thank you (we cannot view this in a shop as we live in the UK and will need to ship it from Germany or Sweden).

Eli • 03 Sep 2021


Well, you ARE right. A rotating style of a handlebar WILL make the stroller's base and the rear axle closer and therefore make your husband kick the rear bar if making long steps. Read our guide about handlebar types and their pros and cons here to know more.

On the other hand, your hubby is not extremely tall, my man is pretty much the same height, and usually, when he adjusts his steps just a bit, he doesn't have the problem of kicking the stroller with pivoting handles much. If he were much taller, the problem would be much more prominent.

With this, rather tall/robust model, I think you should be fine. On the other hand, my experience with it, and more moms confirmed me this, is that the Britax's Smile 3 is made cheaper than one would expect, mainly ni the plastics area. If I should recommend something, go for a Britax Go Big2 or an Uppababy if needing something long-lasting. At least, that's what I would do.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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