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Britax Gravity II: Britax Gravity II vs. Chicco Goody Plus, which compact stroller will be better for everyday use?

Eva • 13 Jun 2022


Iā€™m contemplating between the Britax Gravity 2 and the Chicco Goody Plus. My son is 12 months old now. I wanted to get something for everyday use. Trying to find one that provide comfort yet not big. And most importantly not too pricey. Can you help me with that?

Eli • 13 Jun 2022

Heya, Eva,

For everyday use, I am afraid you'll find the buggies a bit too small. If I had to choose here, however, because of the nice wheels and enough space to the top of the hood, I would probably pick the Chicco Goody+ (full Goody stroller review here, btw). It is so because of the Britax wheels being rather rattly on bumps, and because I fit a 4yo into the Goody seat. Do count on simpler buggy with ultra-compacts, though, and don't expect such performance a larger stroller would offer.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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