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Britax B-Motion 3: Can it be used for light jogging?

Molly • 25 Sep 2021


I'm wondering if this stroller could be used for jogging? With the air-filled wheels and suspension on all 3 tires, it sounds like it would be ok for someone who's not a serious/intense runner. You had mentioned the Casualplay Loopi to me when I asked about the Baby Jogger City Elite and jogging, but unfortunately, it doesn't have a swivel wheel in front and I need that as well, since we do live in the city and I need to navigate smaller spaces as well.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and help!

Eli • 26 Sep 2021

Hi again, Molly,

Yes, I did mention the Casualplay LOOPi, actually BECAUSE of the fixed wheel - it is actually much better for jogging, BUT also because of the other set of wheels - smaller swivel wheels - available to purchase the eas well, so you'd use your LOOPi fully in the running as well as the urban conditions. But of course, it doesn't need to fit your lifestyle, changing the frame's bottoms.

About the B-Motion, I would actually, at least, in this case, advise against it. As a three-wheeler, and a robust model, it theoretically ticks the right boxes, BUT the negative here is the very short handlebar that would make you very close to the stroller's base as well as the rear axle. It, of course, theoretically could be used as a VERY OCCASIONAL jogger, BUT I personally wouldn't use it like that as I know this model, at least for me, has quite a bad center of gravity and (or maybe because of) the push bar length.

Rather go for the Baby Jogger City Elite 2, to be honest, it is of a much better quality. Or, if a pre-owned and older model is also acceptable, a Jané Slalom or a Chicco S3 are models I saw multiple moms run with, occasionally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.