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Britax B-Agile 4 Plus: I have two straps loose after putting the fabrics back on, what are they for?

Maxine • 23 Aug 2022

I recently bought this stroller off someone and took the seat off to wash, I've put it all back and it's like new, but I have 1 strap on either side hanging down that I cannot figure where it goes or what it's for, any ideas? Can I send a photo?

Eli • 23 Aug 2022

Hi, Maxine,

The straps are most probably to be attached to the frame somewhere in the lower back. You can send me a pic on eat@strollberry.com, I can try and look, though I have not been putting this model together as I actually prefer hand-washing to the puzzling removal and putting back on of the upholstery, often it is almost impossible :-D If it is, however, such a strap as I have attached on the picture here, that should go UNDER the sitting part and connect to keep the fabric secured and tight.

P.S. It is best to record the removal of the fabric of a stroller to be able to go back to how it looked before and what went where when unsure later on.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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