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Britax Affinity 2: Will the seat fit a different chassis (if mine is broken)?

LULU • 22 Dec 2021

Hi, my Britax Affinity 2 Chassis was broken, but all the rest part are still well for example the seat, would you please tell that are there any other type of chassis I can by to replace the broken one?

Eli • 22 Dec 2021

Heya, Lulu,

The ideal solution is to order the SAME chassis as that one is made and best suited for this seat and its center of gravity. So I would either contact a Britax seller anywhere around your, they might be able to order you a spare part for Britax models. Also, to go through classifieds and get a cheap, used model sold either for parts or as a cheaper whole might make sense to you.

Apart from the Affinity frame, I know moms using the Britax B-Motion Plus WITH BRITAX car seat ADAPTERS on that frame - and on those adapters, the Affinity seat can be fitted. I am not completely recommending such a thing as, as I already said, it was not made to be used in such a way. I, however, know mommies do that to have their reversible seat on another stroller frame.

Hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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