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Britax Affinity 2: A wobbly chassis/a loose joint on the stroller's frame. Is it a problem?

Annie • 28 Apr 2022

I’ve been given my daughter’s Britax Affinity 2 stroller to clean up and sell on her behalf. However I’m a bit concerned that the chassis is wobbly. The problem seems to be the first joint just below the black plastic bracket that holds the pushchair seat. There is movement (forward and back) in this joint on both sides of the chassis.

Is this normal/safe to use? Can it be fixed? There appear to be two rivets on each side which attach this part to the lower part of the chassis.

Eli • 28 Apr 2022

Hi, Annie,

Without more (a video link, perhaps), it is very hard to say. If the looseness is very heavy, or you can see the metal and plastic parts going away from each other, it might be a problem, yes. However, a bit of looseness is actually normal, and Britax prams' frames actually are known for more looseness because of a rather soft plastic.

My advice here would be to perhaps ask a stroller service or a Britax distributor, ideally with pictures a nd a video, to be sure. You can also try to visit a Britax store and ask there, or call/email a Britax customer service, asking for an opinion - I mean, child safety is quite important.

But my guess will be, if the problem is not brutal, it should be pretty normal, especially for a few years old stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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