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Brevi Ginger 3: Is it newborn-safe, and better than the Joie Muze stroller?

AHMED • 30 Mar 2022

Is it safe for newborn? And if i compare it with Joie Muze, which one is the right choice?

Eli • 31 Mar 2022


I wouldn't say this small-to-mid-size pushchair is meant for newborns, no. The padding, the tightness of the harness,, and the cheaper quality seem to me as being suitable for at least a few-month-old baby, not right from birth. So I wouldn't recommend it for such a purpose.

The Joie Muze (LX), actually feels like a better fit for that. The seat is smaller, meaning better protective for a baby. and it is also better padded. The Muze also fits a car seat, meaning you could use it also as a travel system. And although I would recommend getting a carrycot-pram stroller for a newborn, if your budget is limited and you really look at these small, simple strollers for a newborn, the Muze will definitely be a better fit.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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