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Best ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight strollers out there?

Tim • 15 Nov 2021

Hi Eli,

Hope you're fine.

Can I ask your opinion about the best ultra-compact ultra-weight stroller? Or at least some of the best?


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eli & vii
Eli • 15 Nov 2021

Hello, Tim,

Ihave put together these two articles with my suggestions in this area, actually. Here are some of the best ultracompact stroller ideas of 2021, while Here are some of the best ultracompact stroller ideas of summer 2020. Do check both of these articles to get some inspiration.

My own preference, quality versus performance-wise, would be in the likes of Joolz Aer, which is reasonably sturdy and spacious; I liked the Chicco Goody as well, as it was a very positive surprise to me (check the full Chicco Goody review here), and the Easywalker ultra-compact strollers (like Miley or Jackey) offer a nice ride. If the seat comfort, however, would be your main priority, check also the Ergobaby Metro.

All of these cabin-sized lightweights have their own pros and cons, so it always depends on what you need and what you don't want - ideally, set up 1 to 2 priorities (you can't have it all, you know).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.