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Best triple strollers (for 17mo twins + a newborn) that will get in and out of car often?

S • 21 Oct 2021

What's your best recommendation for a triple stroller (that will be put in and out of the car) for 17 month old twins and a newborn? The streets in my neighborhood are cracked and hilly.

Thank you!

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eli & vii
Eli • 21 Oct 2021


This is a very hard question, to be honest, as a triple stroller will always be a pain in the ass getting in and out of a car often. To accommodate three children, it simply has to be rather large, meaning also heavy.

Having said that, I would most certainly go for a double here PLUS a sibling board/kiddy ride with a seat. You'll also appreciate such convertibility later on, when the twins won't need their pram anymore, and the double would be convertible to a single. This I would combine with a baby wrap or ergonomic carrier - I did just that when I had my second son while the first was only 18-month-old, then later, with boys of age 3.5yo + 2yo + newborn. A good ergo carrier or a wrap will be a godsend when you need less bulkiness but your baby safe and sound, near you. It also gives you loads of freedom to move around places you wouldn't with a double or a triple.

Soo, with such a load, I would only think of quality strollers, but that will also mean a higher budget. If your budget is rather low, however, you can still look these up pre-owned, second-hand (in classifieds). I would most certainly rather take a used stroller of a good brand that will be able to endure three kids, than a cheaper model that will either be too small in the seating area or too weak in the joints and squeak and rattle all the time.

From the double stroller I mentioned already, my first choice would most certainly be a Bugaboo Donkey3 with one seat, one seat + bassinet, and one Comfort Wheeled Board. This Bugaboo would take care of most needs you should have, but still, it would be quite a costly option.

Next in line, an Uppababy Vista with either the PiggyBack ride that would mean the older twins would swap standing there or a universal board like a Bumprider or Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi (either has an optional seat accessory available).

My own choice for a cracked pavements area and hilly terrain (which actually is a rather hardcore terrain for a stroller) would be a Mountain Buggy Duet. Nice folding, large wheels, and a sturdy frame that will be OK with a back board/seat... so, a sporty model that can endure quite a lot.


Also, the Peg-Pérego Triplette Piroet is one of the few options that are modern while made for three children. An Easywalker Triple would, on the other hand, be a much much more all-terrain option BUT is only available in Europe (so I can't say if it would be an option for you) - still, you can always contact Easywalker and ask whether it could be ordered... Lastly, I will mention another European, quality brand whose strollers are great even on bad terrain conditions - TFK. Check their Trio here and check if that would, price- or shipping-wise, be even an option for you...

Your -very berry- Eli.

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