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Bertini X5: My stroller doesn't fold anymore. What to do?

NanaChrisGG • 07 Feb 2022

Can't fold down my used Bertini Steerable Pushchair. Any tips appreciated. Quite urgent.

Eli • 08 Feb 2022

Hi, Nana,

You don't say much here. Did it fold down OK before? Does it move or does it even start folding?

Whatever might be the case, without more (a video link? details), I can't say what to do or what is wrong. Also, I must say one thing. This is a very old, more than 10 years old pushchair. It might be the internal folding mechanism, which is actually quite small, just broke after those years, and that means it will not fold any more. This model is, you know, not sold anymore, so no spare parts are really available, and also no customer service of Bertini.

My best advice here, apart from [[article:ruyunochi|this cleaning and maintenance of your stroller (with some lubrication) would be to use it as-is and slowly think about a new stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.