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Bebetto Torino New (2019): Which Bebetto parts will fit my Bebetto Nico?

Ieva • 04 May 2022


If I have Bebetto Nico stroller and now I will have another baby, which Bebetto stroller will fit on Nico frame?

Eli • 05 May 2022

Hi, leva,

I am not sure what you mean. Which stroller will fit onto the Nico frame? Don't you mean a bassinet - carrycot? If so, you need to get the dedicated Nico carrycot, which actually was sold even separately. Even other Bebetto parts should be compatible, as they make most of their attachment systems the same, but I cannot guarantee some of the older or newer models won't have that changed.

This is the carrycot you will need – I believe just googling it in your country, or asking any seller of this brand to order it for you for a fee should work. And the same will go for a car seat - you will need the Nico adaptors then any compatible car seat depending on which adapters you will get, and I would ask for those any Bebetto seller around, or write directly to Bebetto's customer service.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.