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Bebetto Pascal: Bebetto Pascal versus Kinderkraft Nea, which pram to choose?

Renad • 23 Jan 2023


Can you please do an updated review about the new version of Bebetto Pascal? And if my baby is due in June do you recommend the Pascal or Kinderkraft Nea?

Thank you!

Eli • 23 Jan 2023

Hi, Renad,

I wish I could, but as we only create Strollberry in our free time, without any compensation, we only review strollers we can have at hand and have time to do. The Pascal is a budget model, not as in demand, and not, at this moment, at hand for me, so I cannot promise to do a detailed review, forgive me.

I can tell you though, that is is a nice lower-cost pram if we only take the bassinet into account. It is spacious as a pram and rather all-terrain. The seat unit is a bit more basic, so not all moms are happy with it - however, if you're not too demanding, it should work and be enough up to 2.5-3 years of age of the child. There is suspension, but it is not too soft - so it will go over bumps and terrain, but it won't be a super soft rocking pram. I would recommend getting a better brand car seat, not the basic color-matched one.

And about Pascal vs. KK Nea, I would probably go for the Nea. It is a much newer model, it is a bit more compact, and the even-larger, ventilated bassinet is a plus. It will, however, be a little bit less all terrain as the front wheels are a tad smaller, and the suspension is there but it's stiffer. So compare if you need something really robust (Pascal) or modern, more city + some terrain like (Nea). Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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