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Bebetto 42: Till what age can my child use the car seats?


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eli & vii
Kaylz • 14 Oct 2022

What age can my child use the car seats that come with it until? X

Eli • 15 Oct 2022

Hi, Kaylz,

The car seats are meant, at least officially, until 13 kg of weight. And the body proportions change from child to child, so there cannot be one universal age to use it until. However, 13 kg is an approximation, and pretty much never a 13kg baby fits in these car seats anymore. Realistically, you will use the car seats up until about a year of age or less (10 months, for example), depending on how quickly your kids will grow.

An important factor with 0+ car seats is the baby's head - it cannot protrude from the car seat. The legs can, but the moment the head is on the edge, you need to swap the car seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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