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Bebetto 42: How much weight can I put in this double stroller?

Jess • 12 Oct 2021

How much weight is the stroller built to carry? I've been using it for my two kids for a year now. At this point they are 3 and 1. My oldest still enjoys riding in it for longer walks or of he's tired, but I wonder if the weight of a 3 year old is getting to be too much for the stroller to handle. I haven't experienced any problems with it though. Just don't want it to break.

Eli • 12 Oct 2021

Hey, Jess!

A good question as you, obviously, do care about the stroller and its state, which is great. This tandem pram is built for two kids with 15 kg maximum each. Yes, it is true that a three-year-old might be close to, or over 15 kilograms; however, if the younger is less heavy, and together, they don't get over 30 kilograms WHILE not overstraining the frame with huge loads of shopping, you should be fine. The frame should be OK with 30 to 35 kilograms in total, and if your manipulation is gentle enough (no brutal handling) while the stroller performs well until now, I wouldn't be afraid.

Of course, officially you should be loading it 15 kg per seat at the maximum, but the load is counted so that it should be fine, really - and the chassis is rather robust as well, so no worries there.

P.S. Don't forget to clean and oil your stroller regularly to keep it in the best condition - more about that in our cleaning and maintenance guide here 😉

Your -very berry- Eli.

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