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Bébécar Novo: Are Bébécar travel systems any good?

millie • 08 Nov 2021

Is this Travel system a good model or are there better ones available? I want compact and easy-to-change seat on the chassis.

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eli & vii
Eli • 09 Nov 2021

Hi, millie,

Bébécar prams are in general quite popular as they look elegant and boast many features on paper - Novo not being any different. My own experience is, however, a bit disappointing as these are prams that have numerous disadvantages for me personally.

First is that they are quite low to the ground, so not the best for taller parents - especially husbands. You need to bend quite low if you're a taller mum, and after giving birth, it's not the comfiest.

Secondly, they do boast a nice suspension, but the ride feels very hard to me nonetheless. Mainly the smaller front wheels, which are the most important, and the whole kind of looser frame make me think these are stroller systems meant truly only for city strolls and not much more.

Lastly, the fold - yes, it is easy. But it is not the most compact by far, the folded piece takes quite some space.

Many small details such as the elegant fabrics, roomy & rocking-base bassinets, reversible seats are super nice and comfortable, the canopies and baskets (smaller, the hood being very close to the end of the seatback meaning there's not enough space for a tall toddler) and other things are a bit of a downside for me. I would recommend them to an elegant, shorter mum for sure, mainly if she's not planning on a terrain ride. I would not recommend this to a tall parent nor an all-terrain ride.

Do consider your lifestyle and the main stroller priorities and think about what you want and need... you'll see for yourself! ❤️

Your -very berry- Eli.

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