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Bébécar Ip-Op Evolution: My pre-loved stroller doesn't fold/unfold properly, what to do?

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eli & vii
Beth • 11 Jul 2022

Hi, I hope you can help.

I bought a second hand 2020 Ip Op model as I loved the pram but couldn't afford a new one. It is beautiful and on testing it, it folded easily and the same when I took it home but now I can't open or close it and have followed the videos online. Any idea whether it is me doing something wrong or whether it is faulty? When it opens, it is not opening fully which results in the carrycot being lower at the front than the rear.

Help please as the baby is due in 3 weeks. Thanks

Eli • 11 Jul 2022

Heya, Beth,

If the folding mechanism doesn't work properly even if you do exactly as they do in the videos while transporting or (un)folding at hone, something definitely had to break in there, inside. There is no easy fix for that, I'm afraid, and such a thing needs servicing, possibly wire changing, and/or even a new frame.

You can of course try lubricating - oiling the moving parts, as there can be some traction blocking it, but it is a very small chance that will solve the problem - but do it just to be sure. Apart from that, you can contact the seller if they had the same problem and/or ask for your money back, OR you can try and browse for the same line model that is pre-owned and in a not-awesome condition and for a few bucks change only the frame. Otherwise, you'll need to change the pram.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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