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Bébé Confort Loola Up: My stroller doesn't fold anymore, what can be the problem?

Yolo • 01 Jun 2022

Hi, pls advise... my stroller doesn’t want to fold, what might be the reason? It was folding an hour ago and then we went to the mall, when we came back it wouldn’t fold anymore.

Eli • 02 Jun 2022

Hi, Yolo,

I believe something must have broken inside, as the internal mechanisms in the folding joints are responsible for the start of the folding. This is not something you can repair easily, it has to be taken apart and there's no guarantee it will work afterward, that something is not completely broken. I would suggest trying cleaning and oiling your buggy - here's our guide for stroller maintenance, and if that won't start the folding again, your stroller is most probably damaged.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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