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Bébé Confort High Trek: What is the right air amount/tire pressure in the wheels?

Pat • 17 Mar 2022

How much air goes in the tires? Your online manual is missing this important spec!!

Eli • 18 Mar 2022

Hi, Pat,

You are right, we don't have that information. Most of the stroller manufacturer's don't make it publically available and only keep that info in the manual (which I recommend consulting! or right on the tires themselves. The number changes from tire to tire and the older the pushchair or pram is, the harder is often to get this info.

I was successful in googling and finding this information in the High Trek manual online ;-) So, the recommended pressure in the tyres (both front and rear) is 1 bar (15 PSI), and the maximum is 1.8 bars.

Hope it helped! Wishing you all the best ;-)

P.S. If still unsure, visit a bike shop, they'll help you choosing the right pump or help you with the right inflation for a small fee, usually.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.