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Inglesina Aptica XT/Babystyle Prestige 3/Venicci Gusto: which pram is higher off the ground?

F12345 • 08 Oct 2021

Can you tell me how high off the ground the seat-unit on the Babystyle Prestige 3 sits?

I am currently comparing the Inglesina Aptica XT, the Babystyle Prestige 3, and the Venicci Gusto.

I would like a higher off-the-ground seat unit and carrycot, so I think the Babystyle Prestige 3 might be the one to go for. However, the thing that puts me off is that its backrest height is only 43cm, so 9cm shorter than the Inglesina Aptica XT and the Venicci Gusto.

But, on the Inglesina and Venicci specifications, you state that the carrycot and seat unit do not sit high on the frame, so I assume they'll be lower to the ground than the Babystyle prestige 3?

Many thanks for your help

Eli • 10 Oct 2021

Hello there!

You are right, when you noticed I didn't state the high carrycot position of the Inglesina Aptica XT nor the Venicco Gusto. These are, actually, not tall prams at all, they're OK but better suited for shorter parents. If your stroller priority no. 1 is the higher position of the click-on parts, they would not be what I'd suggest to you.

The Babystyle Prestige is, actually, a model design in Poland as it copies how Polish prams are made - that is, higher up and quite robust-framed. So, at least from these three, it is certainly the higher option, even if, for the type standard, just slightly above average. And there are even higher on the market, of course (like the Stokke strollers, for example).

A higher even model I could perhaps steer your attention to would certainly be the ABC Design Salsa 4/ABC Design Salsa 4 Air which is, in my opinion, more practical and roomy in the seat (as you are right, the seat unit of the Prestige is on the less practical side and with a quite short backrest, lasting maybe up till 2 years old - and too bulky at that).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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