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Babystyle Hybrid: Well the Hybrid 2 carrycot fit the first Hybrid frame?

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eli & vii
Claire • 21 Jul 2022


I have the hybrid pram, I got it in 2018 and used it for my twins as a tandem pram.

I have recently bought the Hybrid 2 carrycot and was just checking if it is compatible with the hybrid chassis that I previously purchased in 2018.


Eli • 21 Jul 2022

Hi, Claire,

Well, yes, it should be compatible as the attachment system did not change. The manufacturer doesn't really state it, but it should be definitely possible to click on, but as it is larger than the first one, as I am pretty sure it is, it may be it will take a bit more space from the second seat's surrounding. It should, anyhow, fit, yes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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