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Babylux Largo: How to remove the front wheel from the fork to change the tire?

Suzi • 18 Dec 2021

How do you remove front wheel from the forks to change the inner tube ? Thanks

Eli • 20 Dec 2021

Hi, Suzi,

There's the swivel lock mechanism above the wheel that locks or frees the swiveling of the front wheel by turning it. Above it, there's a button to push inside which will make the wheel attachment loose and removable from the fork.

After that, removing the wheel from the fork is a bit harder, to be honest. You need some equipment to unscrew the screws, ideally making a video or at least pictures of which was where to put it back up easier (mainly if you do this for the first time). It is not a thing I would advise to anybody that is not at least a bit technically skilled or not having the right key. So, there is a hex key part that you need to unscrew with this small key very similar to Ikea furniture key. After loosening it up, the opening of the fork is in place.

An extra piece of advice if you don't feel too good about this is to visit a good bike shop where they'll help you with changing the tire for a small fee, usually.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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