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BabyActive Trippy: What comes standard with it? What to order for a 1yo + twins?

Court • 30 Oct 2021

What comes standard with this stroller set? I have a 1 year old and am pregnant with twins due in March and am very confused on what parts I need to order. Does it come with regular seats?
Do I have to order the attachments separately to make it a triple stroller, or does it come with automatically?

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Eli • 31 Oct 2021

Hi, Court,

I'll start with the last question, I believe. This stroller is modular, but what you get (a triple or a double or a single...) will depend on what NAME you are ordering. If you are ordering a Baby Active Trippy, you'll get a triple for sure. In the double/single-to-double mode it will be called a BabyActve Twinni.

As this is a stroller system, it will, in almost every case, come with the seats as well as at least one to two carrycot (with the Trippy, I believe it's almost always 3 carrycots as well). The actual offer, however, always relies on the seller. The seller can sell just parts or offer the option of mix and matching, choosing or tailor-made ordering a set you need. In a normal offer I encountered multiple times, the Trippy pram is sold with 3 seats, 3 bassinets, rain covers, and a changing bag. The manufacturer himself states that the Trippy set includes: "3 deep gondolas (a Polish way of saying carrycot), 3 strollers (=seats), 1 frame, 1 longitudinal / double adapter, 1 transverse / double adapter, 1 single adapter, 2 large wheels, 2 small wheels and 1 backpack." These listed items are also all that you'll need to use the pram as a triple.

Again, what you'll get is very much depending on the seller, so always email/call/inform yourself about what they offer at the store. Also, if someone sells only the Twinni, there will only be 3 carrycots and 2 seats and not all the adapters necessary, so about the availability of the parts that are still needed, you, again, need to speak with the seller that sells this stroller system to your country.

P.S. Do take into account that the seats are on the small side to fit on such a short-based frame. A 1.5-2-years-old could already be very cramped inside. Just a good-to-know 😉

I hope I was of help! Good luck, and stay safe ❤️

Your -very berry- Eli.

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