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BabyActive Trippy: How to use the carrycot's internal bars right - what are they for?

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Kay • 10 Dec 2022


I've recently purchased the Trippy Babyactive pram 2nd hand and there are 2 bars on the trippy carrycot that I think are used to help prop it up / carry it, but I am not sure how they should be placed in the pram. Do they sit above the mattress and the padding or underneath, and how do I use them to support / carry the carrycot and ensure it is safely positioned for when baby is in it? I can't find any instructions on this.


Eli • 10 Dec 2022

Hi, Kay,

I am not sure which you mean, but am guessing you mean the internal bars (included in the photograph)? They are meant to keep the carrycot open, firm, and they can be pulled towards the middle to collapse it in case you'd need to fold it flatter (for the car boot or for storage). So when in use, just keep them where they are, and pull both inwards if needing to fold the carrycot.

In this video, you can see what I mean at about 0:57.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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