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BabyActive Trippy: How to inflate the pram's tires if we're unable to loosen the valve cover?

Margy Frawley • 27 Oct 2021

Good morning,

We are unable to loosen the stroller tyre valve cover. Our wonderful trippy triplet pram needs tyres inflated as it veers to the left and needs a lot of wrist pressure to turn corners.

Can you help w advice, please?
Thank you,

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eli & vii
Eli • 29 Oct 2021

Hi, Margy,

I suppose you're talking about loosening the (usually) dark plastic cover, the cap on the valve. The tire valve is actually a rather standard one - like on a bike. It should unscrew to the left. If unable to open - unscrew, that is - the plastic cover, I would help myself with pliers. Be gentle, but not too gentle - the pliers should help you or your husband/partner to get a grip on the cover and turn it left more firmly, but if excessive force is applied, it could break. That is not a catastrophe either, however - I mean, any bike shop will sell or even gift you such a plastic cap; it is a minor thing (and you can even exist without it for a time - certainly more so than with deflated stroller wheels).

Another way is to head to any better bicycle shop directly and ask them for help with unscrewing the cap - they have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. This would be your safest option if absolutely unable to help yourselves with that kind of maintenance at home.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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