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BabyActive Trippy: Can you get on buses and places with this pram?

Leah • 08 Feb 2022

Can you get in places with this pram and on buses as a triplet pram? As I just had triplets and haven't used the pram yet

Eli • 08 Feb 2022

Hey, Leah,

I must say, to get on a bus, in the metro, shopping aisles and similar will be extremely hard to impossible at times with such a large pram. You see it yourself it is a very robust stroller system, the fron two seats make the center of gravity quite forward-placed, and you alone WON'T safely make it, pulling (and endangering) three babies in a tight space that moves (a bus, a train...).

So I suggest you'll get used to a new life, walk primarily outside, and if needing to travel, get 3 small buggies and your family to help you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.