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BabyActive Shell Prestige: How to adjust the suspension of this pram, if I don't want it?

Vmeca • 03 Apr 2022

Hello, and if I don't want suspension, can I adjust it? How is the suspension adjusted? (From original Spanish: Hola y si no quiero suspension la puedo ajustar?? Como se ajusta la suspensión?)

Eli • 03 Apr 2022

Hi, Vmeca,

Totally turning off the suspension, I wouldn't say it's possible, but you definitely can make it harder, less soft, the suspension. There are two points where you can do that, one is in the middle of the frame, where by turning the mechanism (picture attached), the suspension system's softness is adjusted; and the other is by the rear wheels, where, underneath, there is a lever that needs to be forcefully pushed to the other side (180 degrees) to change the suspension softness. You need to adjust the suspension on both sides of the stroller chassis, so you need to do with each wheel and each side of the central suspension mechanism (4 movements altogether).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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