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Baby Monsters Kuki: What are the best buggy board and footmuff for this?

Jusi • 23 Mar 2023


What are the best buggy board and footmuff for this model? And the basket capacity? Thanks

Eli • 23 Mar 2023

Heya, Jusi,

This is a very small, super urban model that is, first and foremost, compact and lightweight. Its dimensions are comparable to an occasional-use ultra-compact almost, and you should think of it as just a buggy, a second stroller for undemanding use. I personally would NOT recommend a buggy board for this at all. It has multiple folding point and that string the stroller is not built for at all can make it loose, wobbly, rattly, and even damaged over time. If you anyhow want to go for a buggy board, I will recommend the Lascal Mini or the Bumprider. Also, be ready not to have any space for your feet when walking with this with a buggy board.

About the footmuff, I would go for something not crazy fluffy, as the seat is also on the smaller side - again, this is a smaller buggy. I personally really like the Lodger Bunker, however anything universal that is not very very thick will do.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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