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Baby Monsters Alaska: Cybex Eezy S+2, Baby Monsters Alaska or Ergobaby Metro+ - which is more all-terrain and can the Alaska be taken on a plane?

Michael • 25 Jun 2023

I was wondering which of the following strollers would be best to handle uneven terrain (Cybex Eezy S+2, Baby Monsters Alaska or [[ergobaby-metro-plus|Ergobaby Metro Plus)?

Between the Ergobaby metro plus and the Baby Monster Alaska, which one is better on rural terrain? Would the Monster Alaska be allowed on the plane?

Eli • 25 Jun 2023

Hey, Michael,

The larger the wheels and overall size, plus the more suspension on such a largerframe + wheels, the better the stroller will handle terrain and bumps. Your options are all urban model, so you cannot really expect any great terrain capability, however, the best at handling some unevennesses will be the Alaska here. The second best would be Cybex, as it has a bit larger wheels - but it's a bit, these are definitely not super large wheels. The Metro+ will not be ok on terain at all, it's purely a travel stroller. Again, you need to count on all of these being meant for the city, and for terrain, you'd need a much larger, sturdier stroller.

The Alaska will not be accepted as cabin luggage on a plane, however if you need the stroller to go travel with you, you can either check it in, or, as baby luggage (with many companies, it is free, but with the cheaper ones, they may be a fee), you can take it to the plane, give it to the stewards, and then get it back when you get off the plane.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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