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Baby Jogger City Tour Lux: Is a wobbly hand and a different American (compared to Asian) version OK?

Shirley • 07 Dec 2021

The handle is wobbly, is it normal? And I see some Asia version on the internet, the reclining back has 4 positions, but I bought the American version only has 3 positions, they are different?

Eli • 07 Dec 2021

Heya, Shirley!

Yes, unfortunately, a wobbly handle is quite a normal thing, mainly on lighter models. If it's not crazy loose, making the push almost impossible, you will only need to live with that, I'm afraid. Even a much larger model - e.g., a Cybex Priam, has the same, wobbly/loose push bar problem.

About the American versus Asian version, this is also rather normal. Manufacturers often make changes to their products depending on the requirements of the target market and the habits of their inhabitants. There are also versions with different colors or details just to please and catch the customers. Don't worry about that at all, it is not a fault of the product.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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