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Baby Jogger City Premier: Can I jog with it?

Cam • 03 Mar 2022


I want to know if I can go for runs with this pram? I know it's the Baby Jogger brand, but not sure if it's safe for it. Thanks!

Eli • 03 Mar 2022

Hi, Cam,

I am sorry but no, despite that brand name (yes, Baby Jogger strollers were at first just three-wheeled joggers and the first joggers in the US), this - and other - four-wheel models from Baby Jogger are NOT suitable for running, jogging, in-line skating or other sports activities. It is even in their manual. They are simply daily strollers.

Read more about the difference in the number of wheels and uses of strollers HERE in this article. And no worries, you're not by far the first making that mistake of assuming a BabyJogger is a jogger. Not anymore, not most of them. For jogging, check, for example, the City Elite 2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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