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Baby Jogger City Mini: What carrycot will fit this?

Ellen • 24 Apr 2023

I am looking for the carrycot/bassinet attachment for a City Mini, but having trouble figuring out what is compatible. Is it the same carrycot attachment used with the Bsby Jogger City Select?

Eli • 24 Apr 2023

Hey, Ellen,

To attach a carryot, you need the City Mini carrycot adapters - even the right carrycot won't be attached without them. The older Deluxe carrycot, as well as the foldable Compact carrycot from Baby Jogger is compatible. And it is not the carrycot from the City Select, unfortunately.

If you cannot find a compatible bassine + adaptors, as the model is discontinued, you can still try to use it with a soft insert cot (any universal, e.g. from Hauck, will do), and/or car seat (with adapters) for a newborn.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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