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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2: Do I really need a full-size pushchair?

Tess • 12 Jun 2022

Hi Eli,

Thank you very much for this amazing website and your professional advice!

My son is about 11-month old and I am looking for a new high-quality pushchair that suits most of our requirements and lasts the duration of his stroller years. I live in a small apartment with elevators in the city and here are my requirements:

-not too clumsy in elevators, restaurants, and supermarkets.
-easy to fold and self-standing, not take too much room in a small apartment.
-could handle bad pavements and easy to cross over the road shoulders.
-some light-terrain trips on the weekends.
-a more upright seatback.
-the folding-form fit for a Tesla Model Y's boot with other camping equipment.
-reversible is not a need.

I have read a lot of the reviews of the popular high-rated pushchairs and come up with a short (maybe not that short) list:
(big-size) Uppababy Cruz V2, Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Joie Mytrax, Jane Epic; (mid-size) Gesslein S4 Air+, ABC Design Avus; (ultra-compact) Bugaboo Butterfly, Babyzen YOYO+, ABC Design Zephair.

I am confused about that would I really need a big-size pushchair? Are the mid-size pushchairs significantly nimbler than big-size ones? Could the ultra-compact ones fit my demands? Do you have other recommendations beyond my list?

Joie Mytrax and Jane Epic's seat load is only 15kg while their seat units seem spacious, why?

BJCMGT2 is quite high and long, is it very clumsy in a supermarket? I have read about a review noting that some 3-wheel types have a bad view when the toddler looking left and right even at the most upright position. Is it true?

Gesslein S4 Air+ has a quite short depth of the sitting surface (20cm), would that make an older toddler uncomfortable?

ABC Design Zephair is much cheaper than other ultra-compact competitors on my list in my country, is the quality inferior to others very much?

Sorry for so many questions as I have a selecting phobia /(ㄒoㄒ)/. Could you give me some advice and recommendations…

Eli • 12 Jun 2022

Heya, Tess, and thank you for a detailed question.

I miss your child's size, weight, and needs (like a lot of strolling, not much, just occasional, or from birth, etc.) – but I will try to answer you as clearly as possible.

I personally love the BJCMGT2 the most, and that is because of its quality and push. Even from birth, I would be partial to getting it - with a bassinet, because this three-wheeler is not overly long and is very very easy to turn and get over bumps. The seat is super spacious even for a 4yo, and although not totally upright, with the extra belly bar it will work for most people just fine. And I would prefer this to the Mytrax as that has a shorter backrest (= less longevity in use) and is heavier and bulkier while not being more all-terrain. The CMGT2 is also better than the Avus to me in terain use and flatter, quicker fold, while also offering the travel system option that Avus doesn't. The Gesslein has a shorter seat while 20 cm being the lowest acceptable number for me, so yeah, a very large (4 years old) toddler could be uncomfortable, but up to 3 years of age, it should be just fine.

You do need a full-size (big) pushchair ONLY if you need a stroller from birth that has all the bells and whistles, meaning a reversible seat, all-terrain wheels, large basket etc. If you, however, need as small as possible, I would not go for such, as it will just make other things harder - and after 6-12 months, you will only need a basic roomy forward-facer anyhow. And if not totally needing that full-size comfort that is also bulky, you can totally survive the first 12 months without that.

If really really need that while wanting a small pram, my personal choice in there would be the Cybex Mios as that one is small but reversible, with a great carrycot, and even with those small wheels super nice to puh even on grass.

About the 15 kg maximum, don't take that crazy seriously, it is a European norm, and the others stating 22 kg actually often cannot fit such a large child anyhow. It only means they paid for the extra testing, not a more roomy seat. And from my experience, even to a 15 kg weight capacity stroller you can actually out more if it is a quality pushchair.

The Zephair/Ping Two stroller from ABC Design, if much cheaper than others, is probably just a budget version of the Ping Two with potentially lower quality components (if the price difference is really that large). I would only get that if you need an occasional stroller, though, as itis narrower and overall simpler that the larger models - and as such, best for holidays and around shops. The same goes for the - even better - BGB Butterfly and Babyzen Yoyo, as the Butterfly, although roomier, is still a travel stroller in the first place (but one of your best bets for even kind of everyday use if an ultracompact is a MUST, along with the Uppababy Minu V2). I would NOT get a YOYO as that is one of the most slanted models on the market, and the slanted seat along with the short backrest is just super uncomfortable for more than occasional rides for your child.

Hope I helped ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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