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Baby Jogger City Elite 2: Is there a Baby Jogger or a Thule pushchair that is more upright than others?

Ellevation • 16 Sep 2023

I'm looking for an upright stroller for my curious toddler. Is there a Babyjogger (or maybe Thule) model that's more upright than others? I love how these look and feel vs. a Bugaboo or Uppa that might be less reclined.

Eli • 17 Sep 2023

Hey, Ellevation,

Unfortunately the Baby Joggers nor the Thule strollers are upright. Actually, Thule being the worse off, being really slanted, while the BJs are OK but not completely upright. The space, handing, and all-terrain capabilities are, in my opinion, worth it even if not a completely upright seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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