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Baby Jogger City Elite 2: How does the Elite 1 differ to the Elite 2 pushchair?

Resh • 08 Jul 2023


How does the Elite 1 differ to the Elite 2 pushchair? I have been recommended the Elite one for my ASD daughter, as I was told it can withstand if my child was to thrash around in the pram during a meltdown and wouldn't tip over. Currently struggling to find something within my budget but also safe for us to use when out with our daughter.

Eli • 08 Jul 2023

Hey, Resh,

Both the City Elite and the City Elite 2 are good strollers. If your child is not a very small baby anymore, the older version should be just fine for you as well.

About the differences, the main difference is in the wheels - the newer version has slimmer ones with maintenance-free tires. Baby Jogger says they also upgraded the wheels' quality. The Elite 2 also has this newer, modern, sleek, premium fabric material.

All in all, yes, the Elite 2 is updated, but that doesn't make the Elite 1 bad, not at all. If you buy a pre-owned one in very good condition, you'll be happy with it, I believe.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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