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Baby Jogger City Elite 2: An all-terrain stroller for a petite mum and two kids (one on a stand-on board) - will this fit us?

Tizhen He • 19 Nov 2021

We're looking for a stroller for two kids, a new born and a 2 years old. We don't really want a two-seat stroller, so maybe a Baby Jogger Elite 2 with the standing board will be fine? Just wondering how difficult for a small mom will be to push it? Or do you have any other suggestions?

We would like to have an all terrain stroller because we like hiking.

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Eli • 22 Nov 2021

Hello, Tizhen,

You are thinking well, and the City Elite 2 is certainly a quality option for an all-terrain ride and a good pushing experience. Be aware, however, that a sibling board will make the steering harder in any case, with any stroller, and, also, for a shorter mum, also. Additionally, a kiddy ride will also make the stroller experience less all-terrain, always, no matter the stroller, as it has smaller wheels and is an extra load in the rear, making you walk with shorter steps. I summed up a lot about add-on sibling board accessories here in this article, read it to know more.

Still, you can always take a baby carrier or a wrap when going hiking in harsh terrain, putting the kiddy board upwards to not have it in your way. Sturdiness-wise, this stroller should be able to withstand it generally, so you should be fine. Again, as I said higher up, the driving of the City Elite2 is very nice, but yes, it is a larger pushchair; still, after putting the handle lower, you should have a pleasant enough steering experience. Be ready that it will be harder with the board for the sibling and always a bit of a struggle.

Otherwise, I have no better suggestions for an all-terrain stroller (I'd say check the Thule Urban Glide 2, but it is less sturdy so less suitable for a buggy board, IMHO); this is actually very, very nice stroller just count on it being larger, as an all.-terrain stroller should be. Also count on the properties changing with kiddy rides, unfortunately. But a 2yo should not need investment into a double stroller, I think, if you think about a hop-on board only.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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