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Baby Elegance Cupla Duo: Do we need something extra to use our Baby Elegance Cupla Duo as a single?

Gemma • 28 Jul 2022

Hi, we have a double Cupla duo. I'm looking to use it now for a singleton. Just wondering is there anything different we need to purchase? Or is it just all the stuff we had for the double.


Eli • 28 Jul 2022

Hiya, Gemma,

I believe you don't need anything special for your Cupla Duo to be used in the single mode. Simply use the one main seat unit / bassinet, and use the stroller without the double front adaptors and without the height adapter (if facing forward) for the main seat - like that, the center of gravity should be the most optimal. If necessary, you can use the heightening adapter for the bassinet at the start, when you want your baby closer. I am attaching a link to the Cupla Duo manual so you can consult that as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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