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Asalvo Genius: How long should I use the car seat insert?

Miriam Ahlback • 18 Jun 2022


I have the Asalvo 3 in 1 Genius stroller but I lost the instruction manual. I was wondering for how long I should have the newborn insert in the carseat? Do you have an age/weight limit until I can remove it?

Eli • 19 Jun 2022

Hiya, Miriam,

Car seat inserts normally don’t have a specific age restrictions - the logic there is to use them from newborn until they are needed. Some small car seats are even as small as for the bigger babies, the insert is not even needed. Normally though, you use the insert for a few weeks and when your baby feels too cramped inside, you just take it out. You will know if it was too soon - the baby’s head and body would move too much in the capsule. So no worries, you can take it out ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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