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Asalvo Convertible Riso: Is there a car seat base to go with the car seat?

_ • 28 Aug 2021


Is there a base to adapt the car seat in the car?

(From original French: Bonjour y a t’il une base pour adapter le cosi dans la voiture?)

Eli • 02 Sep 2021


I will disappoint you but no, there isn't. The Asalvo Convertible Riso only offers a 3in1 solution with a non-ADAC-tested car seat capsule that only can be secured with a car's safety belt during the car rise. It's a simple solution for a low price, so this option is, unfortunately, not offered.

You can always go for a better car seat and use it only in the car if unsure. Not everybody uses their pram as a travel system.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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