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Are there strollers for running and terrain that have a reversible seat unit?

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eli & vii
Klára • 17 Sep 2022

Does exist any stroller suitable for hiking and running (three wheels, durable) with reversible seat unit?
Thanks a lot.

Eli • 18 Sep 2022

Heya, Klára,

Not many, I'm afraid. But there are some - the TFK Mono with the bassinet convertible to the seat unit is one of the most durable ones. Then there's Bugaboo Runner but they discontinued it, so you might check classifieds for a secondhand one, perhaps. Also, the Emmaljunga NXT Challenge is one, even though a special model, design-wise, and the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3 with the bassinet, again, convertible in a (smaller in size) reversible seat unit can also be used like that with a smaller child.

Remember though, that jogging with a reversed seat is normally a bit worse in push and center of gravity, and the pushchairs work better with the seat facing forward. That is why there are so few of these joggers and why most brands go for a forward-facing option only (also, it assures the use with a bit larger child, as running with a small baby is not considered safe).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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