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Are there any other bassinets/carry cots compatible with the Cybex Priam?

Kellie • 21 Aug 2022

You told an individual that the Priam3 fits any of the new bassinets/carry cots; this is not true as I just tried. Are there any other bassinets/carry cots that are compatible?

Eli • 21 Aug 2022

Hi, Kellie,

I am not sure if we understood each other, the Priam 3 DOESN'T fit ANY new carrycot, but it DOES fit any of the OLDER PRIAM's CARRYCOTS. NO OTHER MODELS'/BRAND' carrycots can be used, only the Cybex Priam cot (any generation), whether the newest one from Priam 4, or the ones from the older Priam 1. The Priam's attachment system only works with Priam's dedicated cots.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.