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Are there any fitting fabrics for an '95 Gesslein stroller?

Terry • 07 Jan 2022

Hi, we have a Gesslein stroller from 1985. The Rhodos model. Have any idea if we can get new fabric cover that would work?


Eli • 08 Jan 2022

Hi, Terry,

I'm afraid there won't be, no. Even strollers older than 10-15 years are very problematic to be fitted with any spare parts or fabric, not even talking about such a vintage piece... What I would suggest here is to find a good tailor that would sew on/over the seat and would produce covers tailor-made for your pram. That would probably be the best fit anyhow.

Btw, congrats on having a stroller that even after 36+ years is still usable! Wow!

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.