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CBX Etu Plus: Are the wheels plastic to wear quickly? Will an 88cm child fit inside?

Stav • 08 Jul 2021

Hi, I would like to ask if the wheels are plastic because I read a review about worn wheels in just a month of use. And also my daughter is 88 cm high and I wonder if this stoll will fit her

Eli • 09 Jul 2021

Hello, Stav,

The wheels are made out of EVA foam. As a cheaper pushchair model, the Etu Plus doesn't have the highest quality foam so yes, on harsher surfaces, foam wheels do wear over time. The same happens to Valco Baby strollers, for example. It doesn't affect the functionality of the stroller, it's an esthetic thing.

To the child's size, it will fit. There won't be too much room in the seat, however - this is the case of most
. They're meant for occasional use when even a larger toddler should be fine with limited space. I mean, they're so small because everything needs to be downsized and simplified, even the seat.

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Your -very berry- Eli.

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