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Are Kikkaboo strollers good? What budget-friendly brands to look at?

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eli & vii
Sej • 31 May 2022

Kikkaboo stroller travel systems are worth it, according to their price? And if not, can you recommend any other travel system which is not expensive and falls in the same price range?

Eli • 01 Jun 2022

Hey, Sej,

I would definitely not go for a Kikkaboo, these are just prams bought in China factories and Aliexpress with a brand put on them. These are really the most simple urban prams for smooth surfaces only, very very basic and not too spacious either. I personally would not get one.

If you need something affordable, I would absolutely look at brands like Kinderkraft, but a bit better Joie strollers are very much worth the money (e.g., the Versatrax can be bought for a very nice price if on sale). Valco Baby and Jané are also (often) affordable (this depends on the country and these season as well), and then there are Chicco and Graco strollers that offer reasonable value for money if the style ad features fit your lifestyle.

Lastly, I would actually suggest a different approach. As I have learned, a BETTER, higher quality = more expensive brand lasts you longer and better and even is sold at a MUCH better price after being done with the stroller, my own approach would be getting a more luxury stroller second hand, used. That will give you a great push, more space in the seat/bassinet, fewer problems along the way, and the later sellability. Economical, ecological.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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